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Teaching an old dog new tricks
Path manipulation functions

Path manipulation functions

Function Description
mutt_path_abbr_folder() Create a folder abbreviation
mutt_path_basename() Find the last component for a pathname
mutt_path_canon() Create the canonical version of a path
mutt_path_concat() Join a directory name and a filename
mutt_path_dirname() Return a path up to, but not including, the final '/'
mutt_path_escape() Escapes single quotes in a path for a command string
mutt_path_getcwd() Get the current working directory
mutt_path_parent() Find the parent of a path
mutt_path_pretty() Tidy a filesystem path
mutt_path_realpath() resolve path, unraveling symlinks
mutt_path_tidy_dotdot() Remove dot-dot-slash from a path
mutt_path_tidy() Remove unnecessary parts of a path
mutt_path_tidy_slash() Remove unnecessary slashes and dots
mutt_path_tilde() Expand '~' in a path
mutt_path_to_absolute() Convert relative filepath to an absolute path