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Manage regular expressions

Manage regular expressions.

Function Description
mutt_regex_capture() match a regex against a string, with provided options
mutt_regex_compile() Create an Regex from a string
mutt_regex_free() Free a Regex object
mutt_regexlist_add() Compile a regex string and add it to a list
mutt_regexlist_free() Free a RegexList object
mutt_regexlist_match() Does a string match any Regex in the list?
mutt_regexlist_new() Create a new RegexList
mutt_regexlist_remove() Remove a Regex from a list
mutt_regex_match() Shorthand to mutt_regex_capture()
mutt_regex_new() Create an Regex from a string
mutt_replacelist_add() Add a pattern and a template to a list
mutt_replacelist_apply() Apply replacements to a buffer
mutt_replacelist_free() Free a ReplaceList object
mutt_replacelist_match() Does a string match a pattern?
mutt_replacelist_new() Create a new ReplaceList
mutt_replacelist_remove() Remove a pattern from a list