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Teaching an old dog new tricks
Some miscellaneous functions

Some miscellaneous functions

Function Description
mutt_adv_mktemp() Create a temporary file
mutt_buffer_expand_path() Create the canonical path
mutt_buffer_expand_path_regex() Create the canonical path (with regex char escaping)
mutt_buffer_mktemp_full() Create a temporary file
mutt_buffer_pretty_mailbox() Shorten a mailbox path using '~' or '='
mutt_buffer_sanitize_filename() Replace unsafe characters in a filename
mutt_buffer_save_path() Make a safe filename from an email address
mutt_check_overwrite() Ask the user if overwriting is necessary
mutt_encode_path() Convert a path to 'us-ascii'
mutt_expando_format() Expand expandos (x) in a string
mutt_expand_path() Create the canonical path
mutt_expand_path_regex() Create the canonical path (with regex char escaping)
mutt_gecos_name() Lookup a user's real name in /etc/passwd
mutt_get_parent_path() Find the parent of a path (or mailbox)
mutt_inbox_cmp() do two folders share the same path and one is an inbox
mutt_is_text_part() Is this part of an email in plain text?
mutt_make_version() Generate the NeoMutt version string
mutt_mktemp_full() Create a temporary filename
mutt_needs_mailcap() Does this type need a mailcap entry do display
mutt_open_read() Run a command to read from
mutt_pretty_mailbox() Shorten a mailbox path using '~' or '='
mutt_rand32() Create a 32-bit random number
mutt_rand64() Create a 64-bit random number
mutt_rand_base32() Fill a buffer with a base32-encoded random string
mutt_randbuf() Fill a buffer with randomness
mutt_safe_path() Make a safe filename from an email address
mutt_save_confirm() Ask the user to save
mutt_save_path() Turn an email address into a filename (for saving)
mutt_set_xdg_path() Find an XDG path or its fallback
mutt_sleep() Sleep for a while
mutt_str_pretty_size() Display an abbreviated size, like 3.4K