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Mailbox multiplexor

Mailbox multiplexor

Function Description
mutt_is_spool() Is this the spoolfile?
mx_ac_add() Add a Mailbox to an Account - Wrapper for MxOps::ac_add
mx_access() Wrapper for access, checks permissions on a given mailbox
mx_ac_find() XXX
mx_ac_remove() Remove a Mailbox from an Account and delete Account if empty
mx_alloc_memory() Create storage for the emails
mx_check_empty() Is the mailbox empty
mx_cleanup_context() Release memory and initialize a Context object
mx_fastclose_mailbox() free up memory associated with the mailbox context
mx_get_ops() Get mailbox operations
mx_mbox_check() Check for new mail - Wrapper for MxOps::mbox_check()
mx_mbox_check_stats() Check the statistics for a mailbox - Wrapper for MxOps::mbox_check_stats
mx_mbox_close() Save changes and close mailbox
mx_mbox_find2() XXX
mx_mbox_find() XXX
mx_mbox_open() Open a mailbox and parse it
mx_mbox_sync() Save changes to mailbox
mx_msg_close() Close a message
mx_msg_commit() Commit a message to a folder - Wrapper for MxOps::msg_commit()
mx_msg_open_new() Open a new message
mx_msg_open() return a stream pointer for a message
mx_msg_padding_size() Bytes of padding between messages - Wrapper for MxOps::msg_padding_size
mx_open_mailbox_append() Open a mailbox for appending
mx_ops() All the Mailbox backends
mx_path_canon2() XXX
mx_path_canon() Canonicalise a mailbox path - Wrapper for MxOps::path_canon
mx_path_parent() Find the parent of a mailbox path - Wrapper for MxOps::path_parent
mx_path_pretty() Abbreviate a mailbox path - Wrapper for MxOps::path_pretty
mx_path_probe() Find a mailbox that understands a path
mx_tags_commit() Save tags to the Mailbox - Wrapper for MxOps::tags_commit()
mx_tags_edit() start the tag editor of the mailbox
mx_tags_is_supported() return true if mailbox support tagging
mx_update_context() Update the Context's message counts
mx_update_tables() Update a Context structure's internal tables