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Manage where the email is piped to external commands

Manage where the email is piped to external commands.


Function Description Links
check_traditional_pgp() Check for an inline PGP content
external_cleanup() Clean up commands globals
index_bounce_message() Bounce an email
mutt_check_traditional_pgp() Check if a message has inline PGP content
mutt_display_address() Display the address of a message
mutt_edit_content_type() Edit the content type of an attachment
mutt_enter_command() Enter a neomutt command
mutt_pipe_message() Pipe a message
mutt_print_message() Print a message
mutt_save_message() Save an email
mutt_save_message_mbox() Save a message to a given mailbox
mutt_select_sort() Ask the user for a sort method
mutt_shell_escape() Invoke a command in a subshell
pipe_message() Pipe message to a command
pipe_msg() Pipe a message
pipe_set_flags() Generate flags for copy header/message
set_copy_flags() Set the flags for a message copy