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Definitions of user functions

Definitions of user functions.

This file contains the structures needed to parse "bind" commands, as well as the default bindings for each menu.


  • If you need to bind a control char, use the octal value because the \cX construct does not work at this level.
  • The magic "map:" comments define how the map will be called in the manual. Lines starting with "**" will be included in the manual.
  • For "enter" bindings, add entries for "\n" and "\r" and "<keypadenter>".


Data Description Links
AliasDefaultBindings Key bindings for the Alias Menu
AttachDefaultBindings Key bindings for the Attachment Menu
AutocryptAcctDefaultBindings Key bindings for the Autocrypt Account
BrowserDefaultBindings Key bindings for the file Browser Menu
ComposeDefaultBindings Key bindings for the Compose Menu
EditorDefaultBindings Key bindings for the Editor Menu
GenericDefaultBindings Key bindings for the Generic Menu
IndexDefaultBindings Key bindings for the Index Menu
MixDefaultBindings Key bindings for the Mixmaster Menu
OpAlias Functions for the Alias Menu
OpAttach Functions for the Attachment Menu
OpAutocrypt Functions for the Autocrypt Account
OpBrowser Functions for the file Browser Menu
OpCompose Functions for the Compose Menu
OpEditor Functions for the Editor Menu
OpGeneric Functions for the Generic Menu
OpIndex Functions for the Index Menu
OpMix Functions for the Mixmaster Menu
OpPager Functions for the Pager Menu
OpPgp Functions for the Pgp Menu
OpPostpone Functions for the Postpone Menu
OpQuery Functions for the external Query Menu
OpSmime Functions for the Smime Menu
PagerDefaultBindings Key bindings for the Pager Menu
PgpDefaultBindings Key bindings for the Pgp Menu
PostDefaultBindings Key bindings for the Postpone Menu
QueryDefaultBindings Key bindings for the external Query Menu
SmimeDefaultBindings Key bindings for the Smime Menu