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Global variables

Global variables.


Data Description Links
AlternativeOrderList List of preferred mime types to display
CurrentFolder Currently selected mailbox
CurrentMenu Current Menu, e.g. MENU_PAGER
EnvList Private copy of the environment variables
ErrorBuf Copy of the last error message
ErrorBufMessage true if the last message was an error
HomeDir User's home directory
LastFolder Previously selected mailbox
OptAutocryptGpgme (pseudo) use Autocrypt context inside ncrypt/crypt_gpgme.c
OptDontHandlePgpKeys (pseudo) used to extract PGP keys
OptForceRefresh (pseudo) refresh even during macros
OptKeepQuiet (pseudo) shut up the message and refresh functions while we are executing an external program
OptMsgErr (pseudo) used by mutt_error/mutt_message
OptNeedRescore (pseudo) set when the 'score' command is used
OptNeedResort (pseudo) used to force a re-sort
OptNews (pseudo) used to change reader mode
OptNewsSend (pseudo) used to change behavior when posting
OptNoCurses (pseudo) when sending in batch mode
OptPgpCheckTrust (pseudo) used by dlg_pgp()
OptResortInit (pseudo) used to force the next resort to be from scratch
OptSortSubthreads (pseudo) used when $sort_aux changes
ShortHostname Short version of the hostname
SigInt true after SIGINT is received
SigWinch true after SIGWINCH is received
Username User's login name