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Decide how to display email content

Decide how to display email content.


Function Description Links
alternative_handler() Handler for multipart alternative emails handler_t, handler_api
autoview_handler() Handler for autoviewable attachments handler_t, handler_api
convert_to_state() Convert text and write it to a file
decode_byte() Decode a uuencoded byte
decode_quoted() Decode an attachment encoded with quoted-printable
decode_uuencoded() Decode uuencoded text
decode_xbit() Decode xbit-encoded text
external_body_handler() Handler for external-body emails handler_t, handler_api
is_autoview() Should email body be filtered by mailcap
is_mmnoask() Metamail compatibility: should the attachment be autoviewed?
malformed_pgp_encrypted_handler() Handler for invalid pgp-encrypted emails handler_t, handler_api
message_handler() Handler for message/rfc822 body parts handler_t, handler_api
multilingual_handler() Handler for multi-lingual emails handler_t, handler_api
multipart_handler() Handler for multipart emails handler_t, handler_api
mutt_body_handler() Handler for the Body of an email
mutt_can_decode() Will decoding the attachment produce any output
mutt_decode_attachment() Decode an email's attachment
mutt_decode_base64() Decode base64-encoded text
mutt_prefer_as_attachment() Do we want this part as an attachment?
print_part_line() Print a separator for the Mime part
qp_decode_line() Decode a line of quoted-printable text
qp_decode_triple() Decode a quoted-printable triplet
run_decode_and_handler() Run an appropriate decoder for an email
text_plain_handler() Handler for plain text handler_t, handler_api
valid_pgp_encrypted_handler() Handler for valid pgp-encrypted emails handler_t, handler_api