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Parse and execute user-defined hooks

Parse and execute user-defined hooks.


Data Description Links
HookCommands Hook Commands


Function Description Links
addr_hook() Perform an address hook (get a path)
delete_idxfmt_hooks() Delete all the index-format-hooks
hook_free() Free a Hook
hook_new() Create a Hook
hooks_init() Setup feature commands
idxfmt_hashelem_free() Free our hash table data hash_hdata_free_t, hash_hdata_free_api
list_hook() Find hook strings matching
mutt_account_hook() Perform an account hook
mutt_crypt_hook() Find crypto hooks for an Address
mutt_default_save() Find the default save path for an email
mutt_delete_hooks() Delete matching hooks
mutt_find_hook() Find a matching hook
mutt_folder_hook() Perform a folder hook
mutt_get_hook_type() Find a hook by name
mutt_idxfmt_hook() Get index-format-hook format string
mutt_message_hook() Perform a message hook
mutt_parse_charset_iconv_hook() Parse 'charset-hook' and 'iconv-hook' commands Command::parse(), command_parse
mutt_parse_hook() Parse the 'hook' family of commands Command::parse(), command_parse
mutt_parse_idxfmt_hook() Parse the 'index-format-hook' command Command::parse(), command_parse
mutt_parse_unhook() Parse the 'unhook' command Command::parse(), command_parse
mutt_select_fcc() Select the FCC path for an email
mutt_startup_shutdown_hook() Execute any startup/shutdown hooks
mutt_timeout_hook() Execute any timeout hooks