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Manage keymappings

Manage keymappings


Data Description Links
AbortKey code of key to abort prompts, normally Ctrl-G
KeyNames Key name lookup table
LastKey contains the last key the user pressed


Function Description Links
alloc_keys() Allocate space for a sequence of keys
create_bindings() Attach a set of keybindings to a Menu
find_ext_name() Find the curses name for a key
generic_tokenize_push_string() Parse and queue a 'push' command
get_op() Get the function by its name
init_extended_keys() Initialise map of ncurses extended keys
km_bind() Bind a key to a macro
km_bind_err() Set up a key binding
km_bindkey() Bind a key in a Menu to an operation
km_bindkey_err() Bind a key in a Menu to an operation (with error message)
km_compare_keys() Compare two keymaps' keyscodes and return the bigger one
km_dokey() Determine what a keypress should do
km_error_key() Handle an unbound key sequence
km_expand_key() Get the key string bound to a Keymap
km_expand_key_string() Get a human-readable key string
km_find_func() Find a function's mapping in a Menu
km_get_table() Lookup a menu's keybindings
km_init() Initialise all the menu keybindings
km_keyname() Get the human name for a key
km_unbind_all() Free all the keys in the supplied Keymap
main_config_observer() Notification that a Config Variable has changed observer_t, observer_api
mutt_get_func() Get the name of a function
mutt_init_abort_key() Parse the abort_key config string
mutt_keymap_free() Free a Keymap
mutt_keymaplist_free() Free a List of Keymaps
mutt_keys_free() Free the key maps
mutt_parse_bind() Parse the 'bind' command Command::parse(), command_parse
mutt_parse_exec() Parse the 'exec' command Command::parse(), command_parse
mutt_parse_macro() Parse the 'macro' command Command::parse(), command_parse
mutt_parse_push() Parse the 'push' command Command::parse(), command_parse
mutt_parse_unbind() Parse the 'unbind' command Command::parse(), command_parse
mutt_what_key() Ask the user to press a key
parse_fkey() Parse a function key string
parse_keycode() Parse a numeric keycode
parse_keymap() Parse a user-config key binding
parse_menu() Parse menu-names into an array
parsekeys() Parse a key string into key codes
retry_generic() Try to find the key in the generic menu bindings
try_bind() Try to make a key binding