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Global variables

Global variables.


Data Description Links
AlternativeOrderList List of preferred mime types to display
AutoViewList List of mime types to auto view
CurrentFolder Currently selected mailbox
CurrentMenu Current Menu, e.g. MENU_PAGER
ErrorBuf Copy of the last error message
ErrorBufMessage true if the last message was an error
HeaderOrderList List of header fields in the order they should be displayed
HomeDir User's home directory
LastFolder Previously selected mailbox
MimeLookupList List of mime types that that shouldn't use the mailcap entry
Muttrc List of config files to read
ShortHostname Short version of the hostname
SigInt true after SIGINT is received
SigWinch true after SIGWINCH is received
TempAttachmentsList List of temporary files for displaying attachments
UserHeader List of custom headers to add to outgoing emails
Username User's login name