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Integrated Lua scripting

Integrated Lua scripting.


Data Description Links
LuaCommands List of NeoMutt commands to register
LuaMuttCommands List of Lua commands to register


Function Description Links
handle_error() Handle an error in the Lua interpreter
handle_panic() Handle a panic in the Lua interpreter
lua_expose_command() Expose a NeoMutt command to the Lua interpreter
lua_init() Initialise a Lua State
lua_mutt_call() Call a NeoMutt command by name
lua_mutt_enter() Execute NeoMutt config from Lua
lua_mutt_error() Display an error in Neomutt
lua_mutt_get() Get a NeoMutt variable
lua_mutt_message() Display a message in Neomutt
lua_mutt_set() Set a NeoMutt variable
luaopen_mutt() Expose a 'Mutt' object to the Lua interpreter
luaopen_mutt_decl() Declare some NeoMutt types to the Lua interpreter
mutt_lua_init() Setup feature commands
mutt_lua_parse() Parse the 'lua' command Command::parse(), command_parse
mutt_lua_source_file() Parse the 'lua-source' command Command::parse(), command_parse