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Teaching an old dog new tricks
Create/manipulate threading in emails

Create/manipulate threading in emails

Function Description
compare_threads() Sorting function for email threads
mutt_aside_thread() Find the next/previous (sub)thread
mutt_clear_threads() Clear the threading of message in a mailbox
mutt_draw_tree() Draw a tree of threaded emails
mutt_link_threads() Forcibly link threads together
mutt_make_id_hash() Create a Hash Table for message-ids
mutt_messages_in_thread() Count the messages in a thread
mutt_parent_message() Find the parent of a message
mutt_set_vnum() Set the virtual index number of all the messages in a mailbox
mutt_sort_subthreads() Sort the children of a thread
mutt_sort_threads() Sort email threads
mutt_thread_can_collapse() Check whether a thread can be collapsed
mutt_thread_collapse() toggle collapse
mutt_thread_collapse_collapsed() re-collapse threads marked as collapsed
mutt_thread_ctx_free() Finalize a threading context
mutt_thread_ctx_init() Initialize a threading context
mutt_traverse_thread() Recurse through an email thread, matching messages