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Routines for managing attachments

Routines for managing attachments

Function Description
attach_collapse() Close the tree of the current attachment
attach_format_str - Format a string for the attachment menu() Implements format_t
attach_make_entry - Format a menu item for the attachment list() Implements Menu::make_entry()
attach_tag - Tag an attachment() Implements Menu::tag()
mutt_attach_display_loop() Event loop for the Attachment menu
mutt_attach_init() Create a new Attachment context
mutt_generate_recvattach_list() Create a list of attachments
mutt_pipe_attachment_list() Pipe a list of attachments to a command
mutt_print_attachment_list() Print a list of Attachments
mutt_save_attachment_list() Save a list of attachments
mutt_update_recvattach_menu() Update the Attachment Menu
mutt_update_tree() Refresh the list of attachments
mutt_update_v2r() Update the virtual list of attachments