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Send/reply with an attachment

Send/reply with an attachment.


Function Description Links
attach_bounce_message() Bounce function, from the attachment menu
attach_forward_bodies() Forward one or several MIME bodies
attach_forward_msgs() Forward one or several message-type attachments
attach_include_reply() This is very similar to send.c's include_reply()
attach_reply_envelope_defaults() Create the envelope defaults for a reply
check_all_msg() Are all the Attachments RFC822 messages?
check_can_decode() Can we decode all tagged attachments?
check_msg() Are we working with an RFC822 message
copy_problematic_attachments() Attach the body parts which can't be decoded
count_tagged() Count the number of tagged attachments
count_tagged_children() Tagged children below a multipart/message attachment
find_common_parent() Find a common parent message for the tagged attachments
find_parent() Find the parent of an Attachment
include_header() Write an email header to a file, optionally quoting it
is_parent() Check whether one attachment is the parent of another
mutt_attach_forward() Forward an Attachment
mutt_attach_mail_sender() Compose an email to the sender in the email attachment
mutt_attach_reply() Attach a reply
mutt_attach_resend() Resend-message, from the attachment menu