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Mixmaster Remailer Dialog


The Mixmaster Remailer Dialog lets the user edit anonymous remailer chain.


Name Type See Also
Mixmaster Remailer Dialog WT_DLG_REMAILER dlg_select_mixmaster_chain()




The Mixmaster Remailer Dialog stores its data (Remailer) in Menu::mdata.


Once constructed, it is controlled by the following events:

Event Type Handler
NT_CONFIG remailer_config_observer()
NT_WINDOW remailer_window_observer()

The Mixmaster Remailer Dialog does not implement MuttWindow::recalc() or MuttWindow::repaint().

Some other events are handled by the dialog's children.

Function Description
mix_add_entry() Add an entry to the Remailer list
mix_chain_add() Add a host to the chain
mix_check_message() Safety-check the message before passing it to mixmaster
mix_format_caps() Turn flags into a MixMaster capability string
mix_format_str - Format a string for the remailer menu - Implements format_t()
mix_get_caps() Get Mixmaster Capabilities
mix_make_entry - Format a menu item for the mixmaster chain list - Implements Menu::make_entry()()
mix_redraw_ce() Redraw the Remailer chain
mix_redraw_chain() Redraw the chain on screen
mix_redraw_head() Redraw the Chain info
mix_screen_coordinates() Get the screen coordinates to place a chain
mix_send_message() Send an email via Mixmaster
mix_type2_list_free() Free a Remailer List
mix_type2_list() parse the type2.list as given by mixmaster -T