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RFC3676 Format Flowed routines

RFC3676 Format Flowed routines.


Function Description Links
add_quote_suffix() Should we add a trailing space to quotes
flush_par() Write out the paragraph
get_quote_level() Get the quote level of a line
mutt_rfc3676_is_format_flowed() Is the Email "format-flowed"?
mutt_rfc3676_space_stuff() Perform RFC3676 space stuffing on an Email
mutt_rfc3676_space_stuff_attachment() Stuff attachments
mutt_rfc3676_space_unstuff() Remove RFC3676 space stuffing
mutt_rfc3676_space_unstuff_attachment() Unstuff attachments
print_fixed_line() Print a fixed format line
print_flowed_line() Print a format-flowed line
print_indent() Print indented text
quote_width() Calculate the paragraph width based upon the quote level
rfc3676_handler() Handler for format=flowed handler_t, handler_api
rfc3676_space_stuff() Perform required RFC3676 space stuffing
space_quotes() Should we add spaces between quote levels