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Notmuch database handling

Notmuch database handling


Function Description Links
nm_db_debug_check() Check if the database is open
nm_db_do_open() Open a Notmuch database
nm_db_free() Decoupled way to close a Notmuch database
nm_db_get() Get the Notmuch database
nm_db_get_filename() Get the filename of the Notmuch database
nm_db_get_mtime() Get the database modification time
nm_db_is_longrun() Is Notmuch in the middle of a long-running transaction
nm_db_longrun_done() Finish a long transaction
nm_db_longrun_init() Start a long transaction
nm_db_release() Close the Notmuch database
nm_db_trans_begin() Start a Notmuch database transaction
nm_db_trans_end() End a database transaction