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Teaching an old dog new tricks
Read/parse/write an NNTP config file of subscribed newsgroups

Read/parse/write an NNTP config file of subscribed newsgroups

Function Description
mutt_newsgroup_catchup() Catchup newsgroup
mutt_newsgroup_subscribe() Subscribe newsgroup
mutt_newsgroup_uncatchup() Uncatchup newsgroup
mutt_newsgroup_unsubscribe() Unsubscribe newsgroup
nntp_acache_free() Remove all temporarily cache files
nntp_active_save_cache() Save list of all newsgroups to cache
nntp_add_group() Parse newsgroup
nntp_article_status() Get status of articles from .newsrc
nntp_bcache_delete() Remove bcache file - Implements bcache_list_t
nntp_bcache_update() Remove stale cached messages
nntp_clear_cache() Clear the NNTP cache
nntp_delete_group_cache() Remove hcache and bcache of newsgroup
nntp_expand_path() Make fully qualified url from newsgroup name
nntp_format_str - Expand the newsrc filename() Implements format_t -
nntp_get_field() Get connection login credentials - Implements ConnAccount::get_field()
nntp_group_unread_stat() Count number of unread articles using .newsrc data
nntp_hcache_namer() Compose hcache file names - Implements hcache_namer_t
nntp_hcache_open() Open newsgroup hcache
nntp_hcache_update() Remove stale cached headers
nntp_mailbox() Get first newsgroup with new messages
nntp_newsrc_close() Unlock and close .newsrc file
nntp_newsrc_gen_entries() Generate array of .newsrc entries
nntp_newsrc_parse() Parse .newsrc file
nntp_newsrc_update() Update .newsrc file
nntp_select_server() Open a connection to an NNTP server
update_file() Update file with new contents