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Usenet network mailbox type; talk to an NNTP server

Usenet network mailbox type; talk to an NNTP server

Implementation: MxNntpOps

Data Description
MxNntpOps - NNTP Mailbox - Implements MxOps
Function Description
nntp_ac_add - Add a Mailbox to an Account() Implements MxOps::ac_add() -
nntp_ac_owns_path - Check whether an Account owns a Mailbox path() Implements MxOps::ac_owns_path() -
nntp_active_fetch() Fetch list of all newsgroups from server
nntp_attempt_features() Detect supported commands
nntp_auth() Get login, password and authenticate
nntp_capabilities() Get capabilities
nntp_check_children() Fetch children of article with the Message-ID
nntp_check_msgid() Fetch article by Message-ID
nntp_check_new_groups() Check for new groups/articles in subscribed groups
nntp_compare_order() Sort to mailbox order - Implements sort_mail_t
nntp_connect_error() Signal a failed connection
nntp_date() Get date and time from server
nntp_fetch_headers() Fetch headers
nntp_fetch_lines() Read lines, calling a callback function for each
nntp_group_poll() Check newsgroup for new articles
nntp_hashelem_free() Free our hash table data - Implements hash_hdata_free_t
nntp_log_binbuf() log a buffer possibly containing NUL bytes
nntp_mbox_check - Check for new mail() Implements MxOps::mbox_check() -
nntp_mbox_close - Close a Mailbox() Implements MxOps::mbox_close() -
nntp_mbox_open - Open a Mailbox() Implements MxOps::mbox_open() -
nntp_mbox_sync - Save changes to the Mailbox() Implements MxOps::mbox_sync() -
nntp_memchr() look for a char in a binary buf, conveniently
nntp_msg_close - Close an email() Implements MxOps::msg_close() -
nntp_msg_open - Open an email message in a Mailbox() Implements MxOps::msg_open() -
nntp_open_connection() Connect to server, authenticate and get capabilities
nntp_parse_xref() Parse cross-reference
nntp_path_canon - Canonicalise a Mailbox path() Implements MxOps::path_canon() -
nntp_path_parent - Find the parent of a Mailbox path() Implements MxOps::path_parent() -
nntp_path_pretty - Abbreviate a Mailbox path() Implements MxOps::path_pretty() -
nntp_path_probe - Is this an NNTP Mailbox?() Implements MxOps::path_probe() -
nntp_post() Post article
nntp_query() Send data from buffer and receive answer to same buffer