NeoMutt  2022-04-29-249-gaae397
Teaching an old dog new tricks
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29#ifndef MUTT_OPTIONS_H
30#define MUTT_OPTIONS_H
32#include <stdbool.h>
33#include "where.h"
35/* pseudo options */
49#ifdef USE_NNTP
61#endif /* MUTT_OPTIONS_H */
bool OptDontHandlePgpKeys
(pseudo) used to extract PGP keys
Definition: options.h:41
bool OptNews
(pseudo) used to change reader mode
Definition: options.h:50
bool OptAutocryptGpgme
(pseudo) use Autocrypt context inside ncrypt/crypt_gpgme.c
Definition: options.h:39
bool OptKeepQuiet
(pseudo) shut up the message and refresh functions while we are executing an external program
Definition: options.h:44
bool OptAttachMsg
(pseudo) used by attach-message
Definition: options.h:37
bool OptNoCurses
(pseudo) when sending in batch mode
Definition: options.h:53
bool OptNeedRescore
(pseudo) set when the 'score' command is used
Definition: options.h:47
bool OptPgpCheckTrust
(pseudo) used by dlg_select_pgp_key()
Definition: options.h:54
bool OptResortInit
(pseudo) used to force the next resort to be from scratch
Definition: options.h:56
bool OptSearchInvalid
(pseudo) used to invalidate the search pattern
Definition: options.h:57
bool OptMenuPopClearScreen
(pseudo) clear the screen when popping the last menu
Definition: options.h:45
bool OptMsgErr
(pseudo) used by mutt_error/mutt_message
Definition: options.h:46
bool OptForceRefresh
(pseudo) refresh even during macros
Definition: options.h:42
bool OptSortSubthreads
(pseudo) used when $sort_aux changes
Definition: options.h:59
bool OptNeedResort
(pseudo) used to force a re-sort
Definition: options.h:48
bool OptRedrawTree
(pseudo) redraw the thread tree
Definition: options.h:55
bool OptNewsSend
(pseudo) used to change behavior when posting
Definition: options.h:51
bool OptSearchReverse
(pseudo) used by ci_search_command
Definition: options.h:58
bool OptIgnoreMacroEvents
(pseudo) don't process macro/push/exec events while set
Definition: options.h:43
An evil macro.
#define WHERE
Definition: where.h:30