NeoMutt  2021-02-05
Teaching an old dog new tricks
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26 #include "config.h"
27 #include <stdbool.h>
28 #include <stdio.h>
29 #include "mime.h"
31 struct Body;
32 struct Envelope;
33 struct Email;
35 void mutt_auto_subscribe (const char *mailto);
36 int mutt_check_encoding (const char *c);
37 enum ContentType mutt_check_mime_type (const char *s);
38 char * mutt_extract_message_id (const char *s, size_t *len);
39 bool mutt_is_message_type (int type, const char *subtype);
40 bool mutt_matches_ignore (const char *s);
41 void mutt_parse_content_type (const char *s, struct Body *ct);
42 bool mutt_parse_mailto (struct Envelope *e, char **body, const char *src);
43 struct Body * mutt_parse_multipart (FILE *fp, const char *boundary, LOFF_T end_off, bool digest);
44 void mutt_parse_part (FILE *fp, struct Body *b);
45 struct Body * mutt_read_mime_header (FILE *fp, bool digest);
46 int mutt_rfc822_parse_line (struct Envelope *env, struct Email *e, char *line, char *p, bool user_hdrs, bool weed, bool do_2047);
47 struct Body * mutt_rfc822_parse_message(FILE *fp, struct Body *parent);
48 struct Envelope *mutt_rfc822_read_header (FILE *fp, struct Email *e, bool user_hdrs, bool weed);
49 char * mutt_rfc822_read_line (FILE *fp, char *line, size_t *linelen);
51 #endif /* MUTT_EMAIL_PARSE_H */
The envelope/body of an email.
Definition: email.h:37
struct Body * mutt_read_mime_header(FILE *fp, bool digest)
Parse a MIME header.
Definition: parse.c:1267
struct Body * body
List of MIME parts.
Definition: email.h:91
bool mutt_is_message_type(int type, const char *subtype)
Determine if a mime type matches a message or not.
Definition: parse.c:1366
void mutt_auto_subscribe(const char *mailto)
Check if user is subscribed to mailing list.
Definition: parse.c:69
int mutt_check_encoding(const char *c)
Check the encoding type.
Definition: parse.c:397
void mutt_parse_content_type(const char *s, struct Body *ct)
Parse a content type.
Definition: parse.c:425
The body of an email.
Definition: body.h:34
char * mutt_extract_message_id(const char *s, size_t *len)
Find a message-id.
Definition: parse.c:361
bool mutt_parse_mailto(struct Envelope *e, char **body, const char *src)
Parse a mailto:// url.
Definition: parse.c:1591
Constants and macros for managing MIME encoding.
void mutt_parse_part(FILE *fp, struct Body *b)
Parse a MIME part.
Definition: parse.c:1657
enum ContentType mutt_check_mime_type(const char *s)
Check a MIME type string.
Definition: parse.c:324
int mutt_rfc822_parse_line(struct Envelope *env, struct Email *e, char *line, char *p, bool user_hdrs, bool weed, bool do_2047)
Parse an email header.
Definition: parse.c:605
char * mutt_rfc822_read_line(FILE *fp, char *line, size_t *linelen)
Read a header line from a file.
Definition: parse.c:1036
bool mutt_matches_ignore(const char *s)
Does the string match the ignore list.
Definition: parse.c:314
struct Envelope * mutt_rfc822_read_header(FILE *fp, struct Email *e, bool user_hdrs, bool weed)
parses an RFC822 header
Definition: parse.c:1111
The header of an Email.
Definition: envelope.h:54
struct Body * mutt_rfc822_parse_message(FILE *fp, struct Body *parent)
parse a Message/RFC822 body
Definition: parse.c:1672
Definition: mime.h:29
struct Body * mutt_parse_multipart(FILE *fp, const char *boundary, LOFF_T end_off, bool digest)
Parse a multipart structure.
Definition: parse.c:1688