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23#ifndef MUTT_MUTT_PATH_H
24#define MUTT_MUTT_PATH_H
26#include <stdbool.h>
27#include <stdio.h>
29struct Buffer;
31bool mutt_path_abbr_folder(struct Buffer *path, const char *folder);
32const char *mutt_path_basename(const char *path);
33bool mutt_path_canon(struct Buffer *path, const char *homedir, bool is_dir);
34char * mutt_path_concat(char *dest, const char *dir, const char *file, size_t dlen);
35char * mutt_path_dirname(const char *path);
36char * mutt_path_escape(const char *src);
37const char *mutt_path_getcwd(struct Buffer *cwd);
38bool mutt_path_parent(struct Buffer *path);
39bool mutt_path_pretty(struct Buffer *path, const char *homedir, bool is_dir);
40size_t mutt_path_realpath(struct Buffer *path);
41bool mutt_path_tidy(struct Buffer *path, bool is_dir);
42bool mutt_path_tidy_dotdot(char *buf);
43bool mutt_path_tidy_slash(char *buf, bool is_dir);
44bool mutt_path_tilde(struct Buffer *path, const char *homedir);
45bool mutt_path_to_absolute(char *path, const char *reference);
47#endif /* MUTT_MUTT_PATH_H */
bool mutt_path_tidy_dotdot(char *buf)
Remove dot-dot-slash from a path.
Definition: path.c:105
const char * mutt_path_basename(const char *path)
Find the last component for a pathname.
Definition: path.c:314
bool mutt_path_tidy(struct Buffer *path, bool is_dir)
Remove unnecessary parts of a path.
Definition: path.c:165
bool mutt_path_to_absolute(char *path, const char *reference)
Convert relative filepath to an absolute path.
Definition: path.c:402
bool mutt_path_canon(struct Buffer *path, const char *homedir, bool is_dir)
Create the canonical version of a path.
Definition: path.c:280
char * mutt_path_escape(const char *src)
Escapes single quotes in a path for a command string.
Definition: path.c:528
char * mutt_path_dirname(const char *path)
Return a path up to, but not including, the final '/'.
Definition: path.c:381
bool mutt_path_tidy_slash(char *buf, bool is_dir)
Remove unnecessary slashes and dots.
Definition: path.c:54
bool mutt_path_abbr_folder(struct Buffer *path, const char *folder)
Create a folder abbreviation.
Definition: path.c:494
bool mutt_path_parent(struct Buffer *path)
Find the parent of a path.
Definition: path.c:461
size_t mutt_path_realpath(struct Buffer *path)
Resolve path, unraveling symlinks.
Definition: path.c:443
bool mutt_path_tilde(struct Buffer *path, const char *homedir)
Expand '~' in a path.
Definition: path.c:226
const char * mutt_path_getcwd(struct Buffer *cwd)
Get the current working directory.
Definition: path.c:571
char * mutt_path_concat(char *dest, const char *dir, const char *file, size_t dlen)
Join a directory name and a filename.
Definition: path.c:342
bool mutt_path_pretty(struct Buffer *path, const char *homedir, bool is_dir)
Tidy a filesystem path.
Definition: path.c:188
String manipulation buffer.
Definition: buffer.h:34