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Teaching an old dog new tricks
Match patterns to emails

Match patterns to emails

Data Description
Flags Lookup table for all patterns
Function Description
mutt_check_simple() Convert a simple search into a real request
mutt_is_list_recipient() Matches known mailing lists
mutt_is_predicate_recipient() Test an Envelopes Addresses using a predicate function
mutt_is_subscribed_list_recipient() Matches subscribed mailing lists
mutt_limit_current_thread() Limit the email view to the current thread
mutt_pattern_comp() Create a Pattern
mutt_pattern_exec() Match a pattern against an email header
mutt_pattern_free() Free a Pattern
mutt_pattern_func() Perform some Pattern matching
mutt_pattern_node_new() Create a new list containing a Pattern
mutt_search_command() Perform a search