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POP helper routines

POP helper routines.


Function Description Links
check_uidl() Parse UIDL response pop_fetch_t, pop_fetch_api
fetch_auth() Parse AUTH response pop_fetch_t, pop_fetch_api
fetch_capa() Parse CAPA response pop_fetch_t, pop_fetch_api
pop_capabilities() Get capabilities from a POP server
pop_connect() Open connection
pop_error() Copy error message to err_msg buffer
pop_fetch_data() Read Headers with callback function
pop_get_field() Get connection login credentials ConnAccount::get_field(), conn_account_get_field
pop_logout() Logout from a POP server
pop_open_connection() Open connection and authenticate
pop_parse_path() Parse a POP mailbox name
pop_query_d() Send data from buffer and receive answer to the same buffer
pop_reconnect() Reconnect and verify indexes if connection was lost