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POP network mailbox

POP network mailbox.

Implementation: MxPopOps


Data Description Links
MxPopOps POP Mailbox MxOps, mx_api


Function Description Links
cache_id() Make a message-cache-compatible id
fetch_message() Parse a Message response pop_fetch_t, pop_fetch_api
fetch_uidl() Parse UIDL response pop_fetch_t, pop_fetch_api
pop_ac_add() Add a Mailbox to an Account MxOps::ac_add(), mx_ac_add
pop_ac_owns_path() Check whether an Account owns a Mailbox path MxOps::ac_owns_path(), mx_ac_owns_path
pop_bcache_delete() Delete an entry from the message cache bcache_list_t, bcache_list_api
pop_clear_cache() Delete all cached messages
pop_fetch_headers() Read headers
pop_fetch_mail() Fetch messages and save them in $spool_file
pop_hcache_namer() Create a header cache filename for a POP mailbox hcache_namer_t, hcache_namer_api
pop_hcache_open() Open the header cache
pop_mbox_check() Check for new mail MxOps::mbox_check(), mx_mbox_check
pop_mbox_close() Close a Mailbox MxOps::mbox_close(), mx_mbox_close
pop_mbox_open() Open a Mailbox MxOps::mbox_open(), mx_mbox_open
pop_mbox_sync() Save changes to the Mailbox MxOps::mbox_sync(), mx_mbox_sync
pop_msg_close() Close an email MxOps::msg_close(), mx_msg_close
pop_msg_open() Open an email message in a Mailbox MxOps::msg_open(), mx_msg_open
pop_msg_save_hcache() Save message to the header cache MxOps::msg_save_hcache(), mx_msg_save_hcache
pop_path_canon() Canonicalise a Mailbox path MxOps::path_canon(), mx_path_canon
pop_path_probe() Is this a POP Mailbox? MxOps::path_probe(), mx_path_probe
pop_read_header() Read header