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Teaching an old dog new tricks
RFC1524 Mailcap routines

RFC1524 defines a format for the Multimedia Mail Configuration, which is the standard mailcap file format under Unix which specifies what external programs should be used to view/compose/edit multimedia files based on content type.

This file contains various functions for implementing a fair subset of RFC1524.

Function Description
rfc1524_expand_command() Expand expandos in a command
rfc1524_expand_filename() Expand a new filename from a template or existing filename
rfc1524_free_entry() Deallocate an struct Rfc1524MailcapEntry
rfc1524_mailcap_lookup() Find given type in the list of mailcap files
rfc1524_mailcap_parse() Parse a mailcap entry
rfc1524_new_entry() Allocate memory for a new rfc1524 entry