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Teaching an old dog new tricks
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25 #ifndef MUTT_RFC3676_H
26 #define MUTT_RFC3676_H
28 #include <stdbool.h>
30 struct Body;
31 struct Email;
32 struct State;
34 int rfc3676_handler(struct Body *a, struct State *s);
35 bool mutt_rfc3676_is_format_flowed(struct Body *b);
36 void mutt_rfc3676_space_stuff (struct Email *e);
37 void mutt_rfc3676_space_unstuff (struct Email *e);
38 void mutt_rfc3676_space_unstuff_attachment(struct Body *b, const char *filename);
39 void mutt_rfc3676_space_stuff_attachment(struct Body *b, const char *filename);
41 #endif /* MUTT_RFC3676_H */
The envelope/body of an email.
Definition: email.h:37
void mutt_rfc3676_space_stuff(struct Email *e)
Perform RFC3676 space stuffing on an Email.
Definition: rfc3676.c:483
void mutt_rfc3676_space_unstuff_attachment(struct Body *b, const char *filename)
Unstuff attachments.
Definition: rfc3676.c:515
The body of an email.
Definition: body.h:34
void mutt_rfc3676_space_stuff_attachment(struct Body *b, const char *filename)
Stuff attachments.
Definition: rfc3676.c:536
bool mutt_rfc3676_is_format_flowed(struct Body *b)
Is the Email "format-flowed"?
Definition: rfc3676.c:391
int rfc3676_handler(struct Body *a, struct State *s)
Body handler implementing RFC3676 for format=flowed - Implements handler_t.
Definition: rfc3676.c:320
void mutt_rfc3676_space_unstuff(struct Email *e)
Remove RFC3676 space stuffing.
Definition: rfc3676.c:496
Keep track when processing files.
Definition: state.h:44