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Teaching an old dog new tricks
Prepare and send an email

Prepare and send an email

Function Description
mutt_add_to_reference_headers() Generate references for a reply email
mutt_default_from() Get a default 'from' Address
mutt_edit_address() Edit an email address
mutt_encode_descriptions() rfc2047 encode the content-descriptions
mutt_fetch_recips() Generate recpients for a reply email
mutt_fix_reply_recipients() Remove duplicate recipients
mutt_forward_intro() Add the "start of forwarded message" text
mutt_forward_trailer() Add a "end of forwarded message" text
mutt_make_attribution() Add "on DATE, PERSON wrote" header
mutt_make_forward_subject() Create a subject for a forwarded email
mutt_make_greeting() Add greetings string
mutt_make_misc_reply_headers() Set subject for a reply
mutt_make_post_indent() Add suffix to replied email text
mutt_resend_message() Resend an email
mutt_send_message() Send an email
mutt_set_followup_to() Set followup-to field
nntp_get_header() Get the trimmed header