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Miscellaneous functions for sending an email

Miscellaneous functions for sending an email

Function Description
mutt_bounce_message() Bounce an email message
mutt_fqdn() Get the Fully-Qualified Domain Name
mutt_get_content_info() Analyze file to determine MIME encoding to use
mutt_lookup_mime_type() Find the MIME type for an attachment
mutt_make_file_attach() Create a file attachment
mutt_make_message_attach() Create a message attachment
mutt_message_to_7bit() Convert an email's MIME parts to 7-bit
mutt_prepare_envelope() Prepare an email header
mutt_stamp_attachment() Timestamp an Attachment
mutt_unprepare_envelope() Undo the encodings of mutt_prepare_envelope()
mutt_update_encoding() Update the encoding type
mutt_write_fcc() Write email to FCC mailbox
mutt_write_multiple_fcc() Handle FCC with multiple, comma separated entries
update_content_info() Cache some info about an email