NeoMutt  2020-03-20-65-g141838
Teaching an old dog new tricks
GUI display the mailboxes in a side panel

GUI display the mailboxes in a side panel

Function Description
imap_is_prefix() Check if folder matches the beginning of mbox
mutt_sb_change_mailbox() Change the selected mailbox
mutt_sb_draw() Completely redraw the sidebar
mutt_sb_get_highlight() Get the Mailbox that's highlighted in the sidebar
mutt_sb_notify_mailbox() The state of a Mailbox is about to change
mutt_sb_observer() Listen for config changes affecting the sidebar - Implements observer_t
mutt_sb_set_open_mailbox() Set the 'open' Mailbox
sort_entries() Sort Entries array
update_entries_visibility() Should a sidebar_entry be displayed in the sidebar