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GNU dbm (GDBM)

GNU dbm backend for the key/value Store.


Function Description Links
store_gdbm_close() Close a Store connection StoreOps::close(), store_close
store_gdbm_delete_record() Delete a record from the Store StoreOps::delete_record(), store_delete_record
store_gdbm_fetch() Fetch a Value from the Store StoreOps::fetch(), store_fetch
store_gdbm_free() Free a Value returned by fetch() StoreOps::free(), store_free
store_gdbm_open() Open a connection to a Store StoreOps::open(), store_open
store_gdbm_store() Write a Value to the Store StoreOps::store(), store_store
store_gdbm_version() Get a Store version string StoreOps::version(), store_version