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PagerRedrawData Struct Reference

Keep track when the pager needs redrawing. More...

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Data Fields

PagerFlags flags
struct Pagerextra
int indexlen
int indicator
 the indicator line of the PI More...
int oldtopline
int lines
int max_line
int last_line
int curline
int topline
bool force_redraw
int has_types
PagerFlags hide_quoted
int q_level
struct QClassquote_list
LOFF_T last_pos
LOFF_T last_offset
struct Menumenu
 the Pager Index (PI) More...
regex_t search_re
bool search_compiled
PagerFlags search_flag
bool search_back
const char * banner
char * searchbuf
struct Lineline_info
FILE * fp
struct stat sb

Detailed Description

Keep track when the pager needs redrawing.

Definition at line 171 of file pager.c.

Field Documentation

◆ flags

PagerFlags PagerRedrawData::flags

Definition at line 173 of file pager.c.

◆ extra

struct Pager* PagerRedrawData::extra

Definition at line 174 of file pager.c.

◆ indexlen

int PagerRedrawData::indexlen

Definition at line 175 of file pager.c.

◆ indicator

int PagerRedrawData::indicator

the indicator line of the PI

Definition at line 176 of file pager.c.

◆ oldtopline

int PagerRedrawData::oldtopline

Definition at line 177 of file pager.c.

◆ lines

int PagerRedrawData::lines

Definition at line 178 of file pager.c.

◆ max_line

int PagerRedrawData::max_line

Definition at line 179 of file pager.c.

◆ last_line

int PagerRedrawData::last_line

Definition at line 180 of file pager.c.

◆ curline

int PagerRedrawData::curline

Definition at line 181 of file pager.c.

◆ topline

int PagerRedrawData::topline

Definition at line 182 of file pager.c.

◆ force_redraw

bool PagerRedrawData::force_redraw

Definition at line 183 of file pager.c.

◆ has_types

int PagerRedrawData::has_types

Definition at line 184 of file pager.c.

◆ hide_quoted

PagerFlags PagerRedrawData::hide_quoted

Definition at line 185 of file pager.c.

◆ q_level

int PagerRedrawData::q_level

Definition at line 186 of file pager.c.

◆ quote_list

struct QClass* PagerRedrawData::quote_list

Definition at line 187 of file pager.c.

◆ last_pos

LOFF_T PagerRedrawData::last_pos

Definition at line 188 of file pager.c.

◆ last_offset

LOFF_T PagerRedrawData::last_offset

Definition at line 189 of file pager.c.

◆ menu

struct Menu* PagerRedrawData::menu

the Pager Index (PI)

Definition at line 190 of file pager.c.

◆ search_re

regex_t PagerRedrawData::search_re

Definition at line 191 of file pager.c.

◆ search_compiled

bool PagerRedrawData::search_compiled

Definition at line 192 of file pager.c.

◆ search_flag

PagerFlags PagerRedrawData::search_flag

Definition at line 193 of file pager.c.

◆ search_back

bool PagerRedrawData::search_back

Definition at line 194 of file pager.c.

◆ banner

const char* PagerRedrawData::banner

Definition at line 195 of file pager.c.

◆ searchbuf

char* PagerRedrawData::searchbuf

Definition at line 196 of file pager.c.

◆ line_info

struct Line* PagerRedrawData::line_info

Definition at line 197 of file pager.c.

◆ fp

FILE* PagerRedrawData::fp

Definition at line 198 of file pager.c.

◆ sb

struct stat PagerRedrawData::sb

Definition at line 199 of file pager.c.

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