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Teaching an old dog new tricks
Window management

Window management

Data Description
MuttHelpWindow Help Window
MuttIndexWindow Index Window
MuttMessageWindow Message Window
MuttSidebarWindow Sidebar Window
MuttStatusWindow Status Window
Function Description
mutt_window_clearline() Clear a row of a Window
mutt_window_clrtoeol() Clear to the end of the line
mutt_window_free() Free the default Windows
mutt_window_getxy() Get the cursor position in the Window
mutt_window_init() Create the default Windows
mutt_window_move() Move the cursor in a Window
mutt_window_mvaddch() Move the cursor and write a character to a Window
mutt_window_mvaddstr() Move the cursor and write a fixed string to a Window
mutt_window_mvprintw() Move the cursor and write a formatted string to a Window
mutt_window_reflow_message_rows() Resize the Message Window
mutt_window_reflow() Resize the Windows to fit the screen
mutt_window_wrap_cols() Calculate the wrap column for a Window