Branch Names

The neomutt repository has 6 (semi-)permanent branches.

Branch Description
master Main branch – The Official NeoMutt
travis Code sent to TravisCI for testing. Travis performs over twenty builds with different options.
coverity Code sent to Coverity for testing. Coverity limits the weekly builds like Travis, so we have to do that in an external branch.
doxygen Extra files needed to generate the Doxygen Code Docs
translate Work area for the translators. This gets merged just before a release.
upstream Staging area for upstream commits

In addition, there may be some temporary branches.

Branch Description
devel/{NAME} New features are created in devel branches. When complete, documented and tested they are merged into the master branch.
distro/{NAME} We keep reference copies of some of the downstream distros’ NeoMutt code. Note: some of these repos are out-of-date.
issue/{NUMBER} When fixing a bug, sometimes we create an issue branch for the user to test.

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