List of Repos

This is a list of all the Git repositories in the NeoMutt GitHub Project.

Repository Description
arch Ideas for a new Mutt architecture
aur-build Arch Linux User Repository for NeoMutt
community Birds-eye view of the Mutt Community
copr-neomutt Automated rpm builds for Fedora/RHEL
docbook DocBook manual experiments
flatcap-brain-dump 8 months’ ideas – unsorted and most likely meaningless to anyone but flatcap
homebrew-neomutt Automated builds for OS X
integration Patch sets for downstream distros
lua-samples Sample C code to interact with LUA Scripts
management Automation scripts and notes
neomutt Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks – IRC: #neomutt on
neomutt-old Retired branches of NeoMutt NeoMutt web pages
panel-manager Mock-up of a panel manager for Mutt
release How to make a NeoMutt Release
sidebar-history Old versions of mutt-sidebar
travis-build Try to control the Travis builds more transparently

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