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Email address

Representation of an email address.


Data Description Links
AddressError An out-of-band error code
AddressErrors Messages for the error codes in AddressError
AddressSpecials Characters with special meaning for email addresses


Function Description Links
add_addrspec() Parse an email address and add an Address to a list
addr_is_intl() Does the Address have IDN components
addr_is_local() Does the Address have NO IDN components
addr_mbox_to_udomain() Split a mailbox name into user and domain
addr_set_intl() Mark an Address as having IDN components
addr_set_local() Mark an Address as having NO IDN components
is_special() Is this character special to an email address?
mutt_addr_cat() Copy a string and wrap it in quotes if it contains special characters
mutt_addr_cmp() Compare two e-mail addresses
mutt_addr_copy() Copy the real address
mutt_addr_create() Create and populate a new Address
mutt_addr_for_display() Convert an Address for display purposes
mutt_addr_free() Free a single Address
mutt_addr_new() Create a new Address
mutt_addr_to_intl() Convert an Address to Punycode
mutt_addr_to_local() Convert an Address from Punycode
mutt_addr_uses_unicode() Does this address use Unicode character
mutt_addr_valid_msgid() Is this a valid Message ID?
mutt_addr_write() Write a single Address to a buffer
mutt_addrlist_append() Append an Address to an AddressList
mutt_addrlist_clear() Unlink and free all Address in an AddressList
mutt_addrlist_copy() Copy a list of addresses into another list
mutt_addrlist_count_recips() Count the number of Addresses with valid recipients
mutt_addrlist_dedupe() Remove duplicate addresses
mutt_addrlist_equal() Compare two Address lists for equality
mutt_addrlist_parse() Parse a list of email addresses
mutt_addrlist_parse2() Parse a list of email addresses
mutt_addrlist_prepend() Prepend an Address to an AddressList
mutt_addrlist_qualify() Expand local names in an Address list using a hostname
mutt_addrlist_remove() Remove an Address from a list
mutt_addrlist_remove_xrefs() Remove cross-references
mutt_addrlist_search() Search for an e-mail address in a list
mutt_addrlist_to_intl() Convert an Address list to Punycode
mutt_addrlist_to_local() Convert an Address list from Punycode
mutt_addrlist_uses_unicode() Do any of a list of addresses use Unicode characters
mutt_addrlist_write() Write an Address to a buffer
mutt_addrlist_write_file() mutt_write_address()
mutt_addrlist_write_list() Write Addresses to a List
next_token() Find the next word, skipping quoted and parenthesised text
parse_addr_spec() Parse an email address
parse_address() Extract an email address
parse_comment() Extract a comment (parenthesised string)
parse_mailboxdomain() Extract part of an email address (and a comment)
parse_quote() Extract a quoted string
parse_route_addr() Parse an email addresses