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24 #ifndef MUTT_BCACHE_LIB_H
25 #define MUTT_BCACHE_LIB_H
27 #include <stdio.h>
29 struct ConnAccount;
30 struct BodyCache;
32 /* These Config Variables are only used in bcache.c */
33 extern char *C_MessageCachedir;
45 typedef int (*bcache_list_t)(const char *id, struct BodyCache *bcache, void *data);
47 void mutt_bcache_close (struct BodyCache **bcache);
48 int mutt_bcache_commit(struct BodyCache *bcache, const char *id);
49 int mutt_bcache_del (struct BodyCache *bcache, const char *id);
50 int mutt_bcache_exists(struct BodyCache *bcache, const char *id);
51 FILE * mutt_bcache_get (struct BodyCache *bcache, const char *id);
52 int mutt_bcache_list (struct BodyCache *bcache, bcache_list_t want_id, void *data);
53 struct BodyCache *mutt_bcache_open (struct ConnAccount *account, const char *mailbox);
54 FILE * mutt_bcache_put (struct BodyCache *bcache, const char *id);
56 #endif /* MUTT_BCACHE_LIB_H */
int mutt_bcache_del(struct BodyCache *bcache, const char *id)
Delete a file from the Body Cache.
Definition: bcache.c:252
struct BodyCache * mutt_bcache_open(struct ConnAccount *account, const char *mailbox)
Open an Email-Body Cache.
Definition: bcache.c:132
void mutt_bcache_close(struct BodyCache **bcache)
Close an Email-Body Cache.
Definition: bcache.c:153
int(* bcache_list_t)(const char *id, struct BodyCache *bcache, void *data)
Prototype for mutt_bcache_list() callback.
Definition: lib.h:45
FILE * mutt_bcache_get(struct BodyCache *bcache, const char *id)
Open a file in the Body Cache.
Definition: bcache.c:168
Login details for a remote server.
Definition: connaccount.h:51
int mutt_bcache_exists(struct BodyCache *bcache, const char *id)
Check if a file exists in the Body Cache.
Definition: bcache.c:275
Local cache of email bodies.
Definition: bcache.c:49
FILE * mutt_bcache_put(struct BodyCache *bcache, const char *id)
Create a file in the Body Cache.
Definition: bcache.c:195
char * C_MessageCachedir
Config: (imap/pop) Directory for the message cache.
Definition: bcache.c:44
int mutt_bcache_commit(struct BodyCache *bcache, const char *id)
Move a temporary file into the Body Cache.
Definition: bcache.c:235
int mutt_bcache_list(struct BodyCache *bcache, bcache_list_t want_id, void *data)
Find matching entries in the Body Cache.
Definition: bcache.c:317