NeoMutt  2020-11-20
Teaching an old dog new tricks
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49 #ifndef MUTT_CONFIG_LIB_H
50 #define MUTT_CONFIG_LIB_H
52 // IWYU pragma: begin_exports
53 #include "address.h"
54 #include "bool.h"
55 #include "charset.h"
56 #include "dump.h"
57 #include "enum.h"
58 #include "helpers.h"
59 #include "inheritance.h"
60 #include "mbtable.h"
61 #include "quad.h"
62 #include "regex2.h"
63 #include "set.h"
64 #include "sort2.h"
65 #include "subset.h"
66 #include "types.h"
67 // IWYU pragma: end_exports
74 typedef bool (*module_init_config_t)(struct ConfigSet *cs);
76 #endif /* MUTT_CONFIG_LIB_H */
Container for lots of config items.
Definition: set.h:228
Constants for all the config types.
A collection of config items.
bool(* module_init_config_t)(struct ConfigSet *cs)
Prototype for a config definition function.
Definition: lib.h:74
Validator for the "charset" config variables.
Type representing a regular expression.
Type representing an enumeration.
Type representing an email address.
Type representing a multibyte character table.
Type representing a sort option.
Type representing a quad-option.
Subset of Config Items.
Dump all the config.
An inherited config item.
Helper functions to get config values.
Type representing a boolean.