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44 #ifndef MUTT_CONN_LIB_H
45 #define MUTT_CONN_LIB_H
47 #include "config.h"
48 // IWYU pragma: begin_exports
49 #include "connaccount.h"
50 #include "connection.h"
51 #include "sasl_plain.h"
52 #include "socket.h"
53 #ifdef USE_SASL
54 #include "sasl.h"
55 #endif
56 #ifdef USE_ZLIB
57 #include "zstrm.h"
58 #endif
59 // IWYU pragma: end_exports
61 struct Buffer;
62 struct ConfigSet;
64 // These Config Variables are used outside of libconn
65 extern bool C_SslForceTls;
66 extern unsigned char C_SslStarttls;
67 extern const char * C_Tunnel;
69 #ifdef USE_SSL
70 int mutt_ssl_starttls(struct Connection *conn);
71 #endif
73 int getdnsdomainname(struct Buffer *domain);
74 bool config_init_conn(struct ConfigSet *cs);
76 #endif /* MUTT_CONN_LIB_H */
Container for lots of config items.
Definition: set.h:228
SASL plain authentication support.
An open network connection (socket)
An open network connection (socket)
Definition: connection.h:34
String manipulation buffer.
Definition: buffer.h:33
SASL authentication support.
bool C_SslForceTls
Config: (ssl) Require TLS encryption for all connections.
Definition: config.c:46
unsigned char C_SslStarttls
Config: (ssl) Use STARTTLS on servers advertising the capability.
Definition: config.c:47
const char * C_Tunnel
Config: Shell command to establish a tunnel.
Definition: config.c:39
int mutt_ssl_starttls(struct Connection *conn)
Negotiate TLS over an already opened connection.
Definition: gnutls.c:1136
Connection Credentials.
int getdnsdomainname(struct Buffer *domain)
Lookup the host's name using DNS.
Definition: getdomain.c:44
Low-level socket handling.
Zlib compression of network traffic.
bool config_init_conn(struct ConfigSet *cs)
Register conn config variables - Implements module_init_config_t.
Definition: config.c:170