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26 #include <stddef.h>
27 #include <stdbool.h>
34 struct Content
35 {
36  long hibin;
37  long lobin;
38  long nulbin;
39  long crlf;
40  long ascii;
41  long linemax;
42  bool space : 1;
43  bool binary : 1;
44  bool from : 1;
45  bool dot : 1;
46  bool cr : 1;
47 };
56 {
57  bool from;
58  int whitespace;
59  bool dot;
60  int linelen;
61  bool was_cr;
62 };
64 #endif /* MUTT_EMAIL_CONTENT_H */
Info about the body of an email.
Definition: content.h:56
bool was_cr
Was the last character CR?
Definition: content.h:61
int whitespace
Number of trailing whitespaces.
Definition: content.h:58
bool from
Is the current line a prefix of "From "?
Definition: content.h:57
int linelen
Length of the current line.
Definition: content.h:60
bool dot
Was the last character a dot?
Definition: content.h:59
Info about an attachment.
Definition: content.h:35
long crlf
\r and \n characters
Definition: content.h:39
long hibin
8-bit characters
Definition: content.h:36
bool cr
Has CR, even when in a CRLF pair.
Definition: content.h:46
bool space
Whitespace at the end of lines?
Definition: content.h:42
long ascii
Number of ascii chars.
Definition: content.h:40
bool binary
Long lines, or CR not in CRLF pair.
Definition: content.h:43
bool from
Has a line beginning with "From "?
Definition: content.h:44
long nulbin
Null characters (0x0)
Definition: content.h:38
long linemax
Length of the longest line in the file.
Definition: content.h:41
long lobin
Unprintable 7-bit chars (eg., control chars)
Definition: content.h:37
bool dot
Has a line consisting of a single dot?
Definition: content.h:45