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Window management

Window management.


Function Description Links
mutt_window_add_child() Add a child to Window
mutt_window_addch() Write one character to a Window
mutt_window_addnstr() Write a partial string to a Window
mutt_window_addstr() Write a string to a Window
mutt_window_clear() Clear a Window
mutt_window_clearline() Clear a row of a Window
mutt_window_clrtoeol() Clear to the end of the line
mutt_window_free() Free a Window and its children
mutt_window_get_coords() Get the cursor position in the Window
mutt_window_is_visible() Is the Window visible?
mutt_window_move() Move the cursor in a Window
mutt_window_mvaddstr() Move the cursor and write a fixed string to a Window
mutt_window_mvprintw() Move the cursor and write a formatted string to a Window
mutt_window_new() Create a new Window
mutt_window_printf() Write a formatted string to a Window
mutt_window_reflow() Resize a Window and its children
mutt_window_remove_child() Remove a child from a Window
mutt_window_win_name() Get the name of a Window
mutt_window_wrap_cols() Calculate the wrap column for a given screen width
mutt_winlist_free() Free a tree of Windows
window_find_child() Recursively find a child Window of a given type
window_find_parent() Find a (grand-)parent of a Window by type
window_get_focus() Get the currently focused Window
window_invalidate() Mark a window as in need of repaint
window_invalidate_all() Mark all windows as in need of repaint
window_is_focused() Does the given Window have the focus?
window_notify() Notify observers of changes to a Window
window_notify_all() Notify observers of changes to a Window and its children
window_recalc() Recalculate a tree of Windows
window_recursor() Recursor the focussed Window
window_redraw() Reflow, recalc and repaint a tree of Windows
window_repaint() Repaint a tree of Windows
window_set_focus() Set the Window focus
window_set_visible() Set a Window visible or hidden
window_status_on_top() Organise windows according to config variable
window_was_visible() Was the Window visible?