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Send/receive commands

Send/receive commands to/from an IMAP server.


Data Description Links
Capabilities Server capabilities strings that we understand


Function Description Links
cmd_handle_fatal() When ImapAccountData is in fatal state, do what we can
cmd_handle_untagged() Fallback parser for otherwise unhandled messages
cmd_new() Create and queue a new command control block
cmd_parse_capability() Set capability bits according to CAPABILITY response
cmd_parse_enabled() Record what the server has enabled
cmd_parse_exists() Parse EXISTS message from serer
cmd_parse_expunge() Parse expunge command
cmd_parse_fetch() Load fetch response into ImapAccountData
cmd_parse_list() Parse a server LIST command (list mailboxes)
cmd_parse_lsub() Parse a server LSUB (list subscribed mailboxes)
cmd_parse_myrights() Set rights bits according to MYRIGHTS response
cmd_parse_status() Parse status from server
cmd_parse_vanished() Parse vanished command
cmd_queue() Add a IMAP command to the queue
cmd_queue_full() Is the IMAP command queue full?
cmd_start() Start a new IMAP command
cmd_status() Parse response line for tagged OK/NO/BAD
find_mailbox() Find a Mailbox by its name
imap_cmd_finish() Attempt to perform cleanup
imap_cmd_idle() Enter the IDLE state
imap_cmd_start() Given an IMAP command, send it to the server
imap_cmd_step() Reads server responses from an IMAP command
imap_cmd_trailer() Extra information after tagged command response if any
imap_code() Was the command successful
imap_exec() Execute a command and wait for the response from the server