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ImapAccountData Struct Reference

IMAP-specific Account data -. More...

#include "adata.h"

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Data Fields

struct Connectionconn
bool recovering
bool closing
 If true, we are waiting for CLOSE completion. More...
unsigned char state
 ImapState, e.g. IMAP_AUTHENTICATED. More...
unsigned char status
 ImapFlags, e.g. IMAP_FATAL. More...
char * capstr
ImapCapFlags capabilities
unsigned char seqid
 tag sequence prefix More...
unsigned int seqno
 tag sequence number, e.g. '{seqid}0001' More...
time_t lastread
 last time we read a command for the server More...
char * buf
size_t blen
bool unicode
 If true, we can send UTF-8, and the server will use UTF8 rather than mUTF7. More...
bool qresync
 true, if QRESYNC is successfully ENABLE'd More...
struct ImapListcmdresult
struct ImapCommandcmds
int cmdslots
int nextcmd
int lastcmd
struct Buffer cmdbuf
char delim
struct Mailboxmailbox
 Current selected mailbox. More...
struct Mailboxprev_mailbox
 Previously selected mailbox. More...
struct Accountaccount
 Parent Account. More...
- Data Fields inherited from Account
enum MailboxType type
 Type of Mailboxes this Account contains. More...
char * name
 Name of Account. More...
struct ConfigSubsetsub
 Inherited config items. More...
struct MailboxList mailboxes
 List of Mailboxes. More...
struct Notifynotify
 Notifications: NotifyAccount, EventAccount. More...
void * adata
 Private data (for Mailbox backends) More...
void(* adata_free )(void **ptr)
 Free the private data attached to the Account. More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Member Functions inherited from Account
 TAILQ_ENTRY (Account) entries
 Linked list of Accounts. More...

Detailed Description

IMAP-specific Account data -.

This data is specific to a Connection to an IMAP server

Definition at line 39 of file adata.h.

Field Documentation

◆ conn

struct Connection* ImapAccountData::conn

Definition at line 41 of file adata.h.

◆ recovering

bool ImapAccountData::recovering

Definition at line 42 of file adata.h.

◆ closing

bool ImapAccountData::closing

If true, we are waiting for CLOSE completion.

Definition at line 43 of file adata.h.

◆ state

unsigned char ImapAccountData::state


Definition at line 44 of file adata.h.

◆ status

unsigned char ImapAccountData::status

ImapFlags, e.g. IMAP_FATAL.

Definition at line 45 of file adata.h.

◆ capstr

char* ImapAccountData::capstr

Definition at line 54 of file adata.h.

◆ capabilities

ImapCapFlags ImapAccountData::capabilities

Definition at line 55 of file adata.h.

◆ seqid

unsigned char ImapAccountData::seqid

tag sequence prefix

Definition at line 56 of file adata.h.

◆ seqno

unsigned int ImapAccountData::seqno

tag sequence number, e.g. '{seqid}0001'

Definition at line 57 of file adata.h.

◆ lastread

time_t ImapAccountData::lastread

last time we read a command for the server

Definition at line 58 of file adata.h.

◆ buf

char* ImapAccountData::buf

Definition at line 59 of file adata.h.

◆ blen

size_t ImapAccountData::blen

Definition at line 60 of file adata.h.

◆ unicode

bool ImapAccountData::unicode

If true, we can send UTF-8, and the server will use UTF8 rather than mUTF7.

Definition at line 62 of file adata.h.

◆ qresync

bool ImapAccountData::qresync

true, if QRESYNC is successfully ENABLE'd

Definition at line 63 of file adata.h.

◆ cmdresult

struct ImapList* ImapAccountData::cmdresult

Definition at line 66 of file adata.h.

◆ cmds

struct ImapCommand* ImapAccountData::cmds

Definition at line 69 of file adata.h.

◆ cmdslots

int ImapAccountData::cmdslots

Definition at line 70 of file adata.h.

◆ nextcmd

int ImapAccountData::nextcmd

Definition at line 71 of file adata.h.

◆ lastcmd

int ImapAccountData::lastcmd

Definition at line 72 of file adata.h.

◆ cmdbuf

struct Buffer ImapAccountData::cmdbuf

Definition at line 73 of file adata.h.

◆ delim

char ImapAccountData::delim

Definition at line 75 of file adata.h.

◆ mailbox

struct Mailbox* ImapAccountData::mailbox

Current selected mailbox.

Definition at line 76 of file adata.h.

◆ prev_mailbox

struct Mailbox* ImapAccountData::prev_mailbox

Previously selected mailbox.

Definition at line 77 of file adata.h.

◆ account

struct Account* ImapAccountData::account

Parent Account.

Definition at line 78 of file adata.h.

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