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IMAP helper functions

IMAP helper functions.


Function Description Links
imap_account_match() Compare two Accounts
imap_adata_find() Find the Account data for this path
imap_allow_reopen() Allow re-opening a folder upon expunge
imap_buf_qualify_path() Make an absolute IMAP folder target to a buffer
imap_cachepath() Generate a cache path for a mailbox
imap_clean_path() Cleans an IMAP path using imap_fix_path
imap_continue() Display a message and ask the user if they want to go on
imap_disallow_reopen() Disallow re-opening a folder upon expunge
imap_error() Show an error and abort
imap_fix_path() Fix up the imap path
imap_get_field() Get connection login credentials ConnAccount::get_field(), conn_account_get_field
imap_get_literal_count() Write number of bytes in an IMAP literal into bytes
imap_get_parent() Get an IMAP folder's parent
imap_get_parent_path() Get the path of the parent folder
imap_get_qualifier() Get the qualifier from a tagged response
imap_hcache_clear_uid_seqset() Delete a UID Sequence Set from the header cache
imap_hcache_close() Close the header cache
imap_hcache_del() Delete an item from the header cache
imap_hcache_get() Get a header cache entry by its UID
imap_hcache_get_uid_seqset() Get a UID Sequence Set from the header cache
imap_hcache_namer() Generate a filename for the header cache hcache_namer_t, hcache_namer_api
imap_hcache_open() Open a header cache
imap_hcache_put() Add an entry to the header cache
imap_hcache_store_uid_seqset() Store a UID Sequence Set in the header cache
imap_keep_alive() Poll the current folder to keep the connection alive
imap_mdata_cache_reset() Release and clear cache data of ImapMboxData structure
imap_msn_index_to_uid_seqset() Convert MSN index of UIDs to Seqset
imap_munge_mbox_name() Quote awkward characters in a mailbox name
imap_mxcmp() Compare mailbox names, giving priority to INBOX
imap_next_word() Find where the next IMAP word begins
imap_parse_path() Parse an IMAP mailbox name into ConnAccount, name
imap_pretty_mailbox() Prettify an IMAP mailbox name
imap_qualify_path() Make an absolute IMAP folder target
imap_quote_string() Quote string according to IMAP rules
imap_unmunge_mbox_name() Remove quoting from a mailbox name
imap_unquote_string() Equally stupid unquoting routine
imap_wait_keep_alive() Wait for a process to change state
mutt_seqset_iterator_free() Free a Sequence Set Iterator
mutt_seqset_iterator_new() Create a new Sequence Set Iterator
mutt_seqset_iterator_next() Get the next UID from a Sequence Set