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ImapMboxData Struct Reference

IMAP-specific Mailbox data -. More...

#include "mdata.h"

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Public Member Functions

 ARRAY_HEAD (MSN, struct Email *) msn
 look up headers by (MSN-1) More...

Data Fields

char * name
 Mailbox name. More...
char * munge_name
 Munged version of the mailbox name. More...
char * real_name
 Original Mailbox name, e.g.: INBOX can be just \0. More...
ImapOpenFlags reopen
 Flags, e.g. IMAP_REOPEN_ALLOW. More...
ImapOpenFlags check_status
 Flags, e.g. IMAP_NEWMAIL_PENDING. More...
unsigned int new_mail_count
 Set when EXISTS notifies of new mail. More...
struct ListHead flags
uint32_t uidvalidity
unsigned int uid_next
unsigned long long modseq
unsigned int messages
unsigned int recent
unsigned int unseen
struct HashTableuid_hash
struct BodyCachebcache
 Email body cache. More...
struct HeaderCachehcache
 Email header cache. More...
- Data Fields inherited from Mailbox
struct Buffer pathbuf
 Path of the Mailbox. More...
char * realpath
 Used for duplicate detection, context comparison, and the sidebar. More...
char * name
 A short name for the Mailbox. More...
struct ConfigSubsetsub
 Inherited config items. More...
off_t size
 Size of the Mailbox. More...
bool has_new
 Mailbox has new mail. More...
int msg_count
 Total number of messages. More...
int msg_unread
 Number of unread messages. More...
int msg_flagged
 Number of flagged messages. More...
int msg_new
 Number of new messages. More...
int msg_deleted
 Number of deleted messages. More...
int msg_tagged
 How many messages are tagged? More...
struct Email ** emails
 Array of Emails. More...
int email_max
 Number of pointers in emails. More...
int * v2r
 Mapping from virtual to real msgno. More...
int vcount
 The number of virtual messages. More...
bool notified
 User has been notified. More...
enum MailboxType type
 Mailbox type. More...
bool newly_created
 Mbox or mmdf just popped into existence. More...
struct timespec mtime
 Time Mailbox was last changed. More...
struct timespec last_visited
 Time of last exit from this mailbox. More...
const struct MxOpsmx_ops
 MXAPI callback functions. More...
bool append: 1
 Mailbox is opened in append mode. More...
bool changed: 1
 Mailbox has been modified. More...
bool dontwrite: 1
 Don't write the mailbox on close. More...
bool first_check_stats_done: 1
 True when the check have been done at least on time. More...
bool peekonly: 1
 Just taking a glance, revert atime. More...
bool verbose: 1
 Display status messages? More...
bool readonly: 1
 Don't allow changes to the mailbox. More...
AclFlags rights
 ACL bits, see AclFlags. More...
void * compress_info
 Compressed mbox module private data. More...
struct HashTableid_hash
 Hash Table by msg id. More...
struct HashTablesubj_hash
 Hash Table by subject. More...
struct HashTablelabel_hash
 Hash Table for x-labels. More...
struct Accountaccount
 Account that owns this Mailbox. More...
int opened
 Number of times mailbox is opened. More...
bool visible
 True if a result of "mailboxes". More...
void * mdata
 Driver specific data. More...
void(* mdata_free )(void **ptr)
 Free the private data attached to the Mailbox. More...
struct Notifynotify
 Notifications: NotifyMailbox, EventMailbox. More...
int gen
 Generation number, for sorting. More...

Detailed Description

IMAP-specific Mailbox data -.

This data is specific to a Mailbox of an IMAP server

Definition at line 38 of file mdata.h.

Member Function Documentation


ImapMboxData::ARRAY_HEAD ( MSN  ,
struct Email  

look up headers by (MSN-1)

Field Documentation

◆ name

char* ImapMboxData::name

Mailbox name.

Definition at line 40 of file mdata.h.

◆ munge_name

char* ImapMboxData::munge_name

Munged version of the mailbox name.

Definition at line 41 of file mdata.h.

◆ real_name

char* ImapMboxData::real_name

Original Mailbox name, e.g.: INBOX can be just \0.

Definition at line 42 of file mdata.h.

◆ reopen

ImapOpenFlags ImapMboxData::reopen


Definition at line 44 of file mdata.h.

◆ check_status

ImapOpenFlags ImapMboxData::check_status


Definition at line 45 of file mdata.h.

◆ new_mail_count

unsigned int ImapMboxData::new_mail_count

Set when EXISTS notifies of new mail.

Definition at line 46 of file mdata.h.

◆ flags

struct ListHead ImapMboxData::flags

Definition at line 49 of file mdata.h.

◆ uidvalidity

uint32_t ImapMboxData::uidvalidity

Definition at line 50 of file mdata.h.

◆ uid_next

unsigned int ImapMboxData::uid_next

Definition at line 51 of file mdata.h.

◆ modseq

unsigned long long ImapMboxData::modseq

Definition at line 52 of file mdata.h.

◆ messages

unsigned int ImapMboxData::messages

Definition at line 53 of file mdata.h.

◆ recent

unsigned int ImapMboxData::recent

Definition at line 54 of file mdata.h.

◆ unseen

unsigned int ImapMboxData::unseen

Definition at line 55 of file mdata.h.

◆ uid_hash

struct HashTable* ImapMboxData::uid_hash

Definition at line 58 of file mdata.h.

◆ bcache

struct BodyCache* ImapMboxData::bcache

Email body cache.

Definition at line 60 of file mdata.h.

◆ hcache

struct HeaderCache* ImapMboxData::hcache

Email header cache.

Definition at line 62 of file mdata.h.

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