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41#ifndef MUTT_MENU_LIB_H
42#define MUTT_MENU_LIB_H
44#include "config.h"
45#include <stddef.h>
46#include <stdbool.h>
47#include <stdint.h>
48#include "mutt/lib.h"
49#include "type.h"
51struct ConfigSubset;
52struct MuttWindow;
54// Observers of #NT_MENU will not be passed any Event data.
55typedef uint8_t MenuRedrawFlags;
57#define MENU_REDRAW_INDEX (1 << 0)
58#define MENU_REDRAW_MOTION (1 << 1)
59#define MENU_REDRAW_CURRENT (1 << 2)
60#define MENU_REDRAW_FULL (1 << 3)
69struct Menu
71 int current;
72 int max;
76 bool tag_prefix : 1;
77 struct MuttWindow *win;
78 struct ConfigSubset *sub;
80 /* the following are used only by menu_loop() */
81 int top;
96 void (*make_entry)(struct Menu *menu, char *buf, size_t buflen, int line);
109 int (*search)(struct Menu *menu, regex_t *rx, int line);
121 int (*tag)(struct Menu *menu, int sel, int act);
133 const struct AttrColor *(*color)(struct Menu *menu, int line);
135 struct Notify *notify;
137 void *mdata;
151 void (*mdata_free)(struct Menu *menu, void **ptr);
154// Simple movement
160MenuRedrawFlags menu_half_down (struct Menu *menu);
161MenuRedrawFlags menu_half_up (struct Menu *menu);
165MenuRedrawFlags menu_next_line (struct Menu *menu);
166MenuRedrawFlags menu_next_page (struct Menu *menu);
168MenuRedrawFlags menu_prev_line (struct Menu *menu);
169MenuRedrawFlags menu_prev_page (struct Menu *menu);
170MenuRedrawFlags menu_top_page (struct Menu *menu);
172void menu_redraw_current(struct Menu *menu);
173void menu_redraw_full (struct Menu *menu);
174void menu_redraw_index (struct Menu *menu);
175void menu_redraw_motion (struct Menu *menu);
176int menu_redraw (struct Menu *menu);
178void menu_add_dialog_row(struct Menu *menu, const char *row);
179void menu_cleanup(void);
181void menu_init(void);
183struct MuttWindow *menu_window_new(enum MenuType type, struct ConfigSubset *sub);
185int menu_get_index(struct Menu *menu);
186MenuRedrawFlags menu_set_index(struct Menu *menu, int index);
187MenuRedrawFlags menu_move_selection(struct Menu *menu, int index);
188void menu_queue_redraw(struct Menu *menu, MenuRedrawFlags redraw);
189MenuRedrawFlags menu_move_view_relative(struct Menu *menu, int relative);
190MenuRedrawFlags menu_set_and_notify(struct Menu *menu, int top, int index);
191void menu_adjust(struct Menu *menu);
193int menu_function_dispatcher(struct MuttWindow *win, int op);
194int menu_tagging_dispatcher(struct MuttWindow *win, int op);
196#endif /* MUTT_MENU_LIB_H */
int menu_tagging_dispatcher(struct MuttWindow *win, int op)
Perform tagging operations on the Menu - Implements function_dispatcher_t -.
Definition: tagging.c:230
int menu_function_dispatcher(struct MuttWindow *win, int op)
Perform a Menu function - Implements function_dispatcher_t -.
Definition: functions.c:317
enum MenuType menu_get_current_type(void)
Get the type of the current Window.
Definition: menu.c:85
void menu_init(void)
Initialise all the Menus.
Definition: menu.c:75
MenuRedrawFlags menu_next_page(struct Menu *menu)
Move the focus to the next page in the menu.
Definition: move.c:562
MenuRedrawFlags menu_bottom_page(struct Menu *menu)
Move the focus to the bottom of the page.
Definition: move.c:363
void menu_cleanup(void)
Free the saved Menu searches.
Definition: menu.c:66
void menu_adjust(struct Menu *menu)
Reapply the config to the Menu.
Definition: move.c:319
MenuRedrawFlags menu_half_up(struct Menu *menu)
Move the focus up half a page in the menu.
Definition: move.c:506
MenuRedrawFlags menu_prev_line(struct Menu *menu)
Move the view up one line, keeping the selection the same.
Definition: move.c:526
void menu_redraw_current(struct Menu *menu)
Redraw the current menu.
Definition: draw.c:438
MenuRedrawFlags menu_current_bottom(struct Menu *menu)
Move the current selection to the bottom of the window.
Definition: move.c:484
MenuRedrawFlags menu_move_view_relative(struct Menu *menu, int relative)
Move the view relatively.
Definition: move.c:254
MenuRedrawFlags menu_current_middle(struct Menu *menu)
Move the current selection to the centre of the window.
Definition: move.c:464
void menu_redraw_index(struct Menu *menu)
Force the redraw of the index.
Definition: draw.c:321
int menu_redraw(struct Menu *menu)
Redraw the parts of the screen that have been flagged to be redrawn.
Definition: draw.c:474
MenuRedrawFlags menu_middle_page(struct Menu *menu)
Move the focus to the centre of the page.
Definition: move.c:343
void menu_queue_redraw(struct Menu *menu, MenuRedrawFlags redraw)
Queue a request for a redraw.
Definition: menu.c:180
MenuRedrawFlags menu_set_and_notify(struct Menu *menu, int top, int index)
Set the Menu selection/view and notify others.
Definition: move.c:66
int menu_get_index(struct Menu *menu)
Get the current selection in the Menu.
Definition: menu.c:156
MenuRedrawFlags menu_first_entry(struct Menu *menu)
Move the focus to the first entry in the menu.
Definition: move.c:410
void menu_redraw_full(struct Menu *menu)
Force the redraw of the Menu.
Definition: draw.c:307
uint8_t MenuRedrawFlags
Definition: lib.h:55
MenuRedrawFlags menu_half_down(struct Menu *menu)
Move the focus down half a page in the menu.
Definition: move.c:516
MenuRedrawFlags menu_top_page(struct Menu *menu)
Move the focus to the top of the page.
Definition: move.c:333
MenuRedrawFlags menu_move_selection(struct Menu *menu, int index)
Move the selection, keeping within between [0, menu->max].
Definition: move.c:236
MenuRedrawFlags menu_last_entry(struct Menu *menu)
Move the focus to the last entry in the menu.
Definition: move.c:426
MenuRedrawFlags menu_prev_page(struct Menu *menu)
Move the focus to the previous page in the menu.
Definition: move.c:552
MenuRedrawFlags menu_next_line(struct Menu *menu)
Move the view down one line, keeping the selection the same.
Definition: move.c:539
MenuRedrawFlags menu_prev_entry(struct Menu *menu)
Move the focus to the previous item in the menu.
Definition: move.c:382
struct MuttWindow * menu_window_new(enum MenuType type, struct ConfigSubset *sub)
Create a new Menu Window.
Definition: window.c:140
MenuRedrawFlags menu_current_top(struct Menu *menu)
Move the current selection to the top of the window.
Definition: move.c:443
void menu_add_dialog_row(struct Menu *menu, const char *row)
void menu_redraw_motion(struct Menu *menu)
Force the redraw of the list part of the menu.
Definition: draw.c:379
MenuRedrawFlags menu_set_index(struct Menu *menu, int index)
Set the current selection in the Menu.
Definition: menu.c:170
MenuRedrawFlags menu_next_entry(struct Menu *menu)
Move the focus to the next item in the menu.
Definition: move.c:396
Convenience wrapper for the library headers.
A curses colour and its attributes.
Definition: attr.h:66
A set of inherited config items.
Definition: subset.h:47
Definition: lib.h:70
struct MuttWindow * win
Window holding the Menu.
Definition: lib.h:77
int search_dir
Direction of search.
Definition: lib.h:83
void(* make_entry)(struct Menu *menu, char *buf, size_t buflen, int line)
Definition: lib.h:96
int current
Current entry.
Definition: lib.h:71
int num_tagged
Number of tagged entries.
Definition: lib.h:84
MenuRedrawFlags redraw
When to redraw the screen.
Definition: lib.h:73
void(* mdata_free)(struct Menu *menu, void **ptr)
Definition: lib.h:151
int(* search)(struct Menu *menu, regex_t *rx, int line)
Definition: lib.h:109
int top
Entry that is the top of the current page.
Definition: lib.h:81
int(* tag)(struct Menu *menu, int sel, int act)
Definition: lib.h:121
enum MenuType type
Menu definition for keymap entries.
Definition: lib.h:74
struct ConfigSubset * sub
Inherited config items.
Definition: lib.h:78
struct Notify * notify
Definition: lib.h:135
void * mdata
Private data.
Definition: lib.h:137
bool tag_prefix
User has pressed <tag-prefix>
Definition: lib.h:76
int max
Number of entries in the menu.
Definition: lib.h:72
int page_len
Number of entries per screen.
Definition: lib.h:75
int old_current
For driver use only.
Definition: lib.h:82
enum WindowType type
Window type, e.g. WT_SIDEBAR.
Definition: mutt_window.h:144
Notification API.
Definition: notify.c:53
Menu types.
Types of GUI selections.
Definition: type.h:36