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Teaching an old dog new tricks
Window wrapper around a Menu
Data Description
Menus Menu name lookup table


The Menu Window is an interactive window that allows a user to work with a list of items. The Menu can be configured to allow single or multiple selections and it can handle arbitrary data, sorting, custom colouring and searching.


Name Type Constructor
Menu WT_MENU menu_window()


The Menu Window has many possible parents, e.g.


  • None


The Menu Window stores it state info in struct Menu. Users of the Menu Window can store custom data in Menu::mdata.


Once constructed, it is controlled by the following events:

Event Type Handler
NT_COLOR menu_color_observer()
NT_CONFIG menu_config_observer()
NT_WINDOW menu_window_observer()
MuttWindow::recalc() menu_recalc()
MuttWindow::repaint() menu_repaint()
Data Description
Menus Menu name lookup table
Function Description
menu_new_window() Create a new Menu Window
menu_recalc - Recalculate the Window data - Implements MuttWindow::recalc()()
menu_repaint - Repaint the Window - Implements MuttWindow::repaint()()
menu_wdata_free - Destroy a Menu Window - Implements MuttWindow::wdata_free()()