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Teaching an old dog new tricks
Index Dialog

The Index Dialog is the main screen within NeoMutt.

It contains Index Window (a list of emails), Pager Dialog (a view of an email) and Sidebar Window (a list of mailboxes).


Name Type See Also
Index Dialog WT_DLG_INDEX mutt_index_menu()






Some other events are handled by the dialog's children.


Function Description Links
change_folder_mailbox() Change to a different Mailbox by pointer
change_folder_notmuch() Change to a different Notmuch Mailbox by string
change_folder_string() Change to a different Mailbox by string
check_acl() Check the ACLs for a function
ci_first_message() Get index of first new message
ci_next_undeleted() Find the next undeleted email
ci_previous_undeleted() Find the previous undeleted email
collapse_all() Collapse/uncollapse all threads
dlg_change_folder() Change the current folder, cautiously
index_color() Calculate the colour for a line of the index Menu::color(), menu_color
index_mailbox_observer() Notification that a Mailbox has changed observer_t, observer_api
index_make_entry() Format a menu item for the index list Menu::make_entry(), menu_make_entry
index_pager_init() Allocate the Windows for the Index/Pager
mutt_draw_statusline() Draw a highlighted status bar
mutt_index_menu() Display a list of emails
mutt_set_header_color() Select a colour for a message
mutt_update_index() Update the index
resort_index() Resort the index
uncollapse_thread() Open a collapsed thread
update_index() Update the index
update_index_threaded() Update the index (if threaded)
update_index_unthreaded() Update the index (if unthreaded)