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mutt_curses.c File Reference

Define wrapper functions around Curses/Slang. More...

#include "config.h"
#include "mutt_curses.h"
#include "color.h"
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void mutt_curses_set_attr (int attr)
 Set the attributes for text. More...
void mutt_curses_set_color (enum ColorId color)
 Set the current colour for text. More...
void mutt_curses_set_cursor (enum MuttCursorState state)
 Set the cursor state. More...

Detailed Description

Define wrapper functions around Curses/Slang.

  • Michael R. Elkins
  • g10 Code GmbH
  • Richard Russon

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Definition in file mutt_curses.c.

Function Documentation

◆ mutt_curses_set_attr()

void mutt_curses_set_attr ( int  attr)

Set the attributes for text.

attrAttributes to set, e.g. A_UNDERLINE

Definition at line 39 of file mutt_curses.c.

40 {
41 #ifdef HAVE_BKGDSET
42  bkgdset(attr | ' ');
43 #else
44  attrset(attr);
45 #endif
46 }
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◆ mutt_curses_set_color()

void mutt_curses_set_color ( enum ColorId  color)

Set the current colour for text.

colorColour to set, e.g. MT_COLOR_HEADER

If the system has bkgdset() use it rather than attrset() so that the clr*() functions will properly set the background attributes all the way to the right column.

Definition at line 56 of file mutt_curses.c.

57 {
58  const int chosen = mutt_color(color);
59  const int normal = mutt_color(MT_COLOR_NORMAL);
60 #ifdef HAVE_BKGDSET
61  bkgdset((chosen ? chosen : normal) | ' ');
62 #else
63  attrset(chosen ? chosen : normal);
64 #endif
65 }
enum ColorId color
Colour for the text, e.g. MT_COLOR_MESSAGE.
Definition: msgwin.c:97
Plain text.
Definition: color.h:58
int mutt_color(enum ColorId id)
Return the color of an object.
Definition: color.c:1427
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+ Here is the caller graph for this function:

◆ mutt_curses_set_cursor()

void mutt_curses_set_cursor ( enum MuttCursorState  state)

Set the cursor state.

stateState to set, e.g. MUTT_CURSOR_INVISIBLE

Definition at line 71 of file mutt_curses.c.

72 {
73 #if (defined(USE_SLANG_CURSES) || defined(HAVE_CURS_SET))
74  static int SavedCursor = MUTT_CURSOR_VISIBLE;
76  if (state == MUTT_CURSOR_RESTORE_LAST)
77  state = SavedCursor;
78  else
79  SavedCursor = state;
81  if (curs_set(state) == ERR)
82  {
83  if (state == MUTT_CURSOR_VISIBLE)
85  }
86 #endif
87 }
Display a very visible cursor.
Definition: mutt_curses.h:82
Display a normal cursor.
Definition: mutt_curses.h:81
Restore the previous cursor state.
Definition: mutt_curses.h:79
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